Story about young girl taken a dog!

The last thing I remember was closing and locking the back door at work. It was Friday night just aftert 10 pm and I was working alone. Before I could turn around somebody grabbed me from behind and put something over my mouth and nose, I couldn’t even scream. When I awoke I could tell that I was in a vechicle driving somewhere. I had a blindfold on and a gag in my mouth. I tried to move but was held down by a collar around my neck. I begain to cry not knowing what was happining to me.

I don’t know how long we drove ,But I think we were on a dirt road cause it was really rough. When we finally stopped I was taken out of the van by the collar which had a chain hooked to it. What do you want with me I tried to say, but with the gag in my mouth it was just a mumble. I was pulled by the collar then told to kneel down. “you is sure one fine white bitch” I heard a deep voice say. Lucifer is surly gonna like dat tight white pussy you gots. And deems some afful nice titties you gots too. I then felt a big hand squeeze my right breast and I tried to pull away.

“Whack” I was hit on the back of my head really hard,And I started to cry. ” You dont’s be pullin away when I wants to feel deem tities you hears” I shool my head yes. Then I heard him walk away and then a door close, I tried to take off the blindfold and gag but they were locked on. I started to cry agian whats going to happen to my I wondered!!! In a few minutes I heard him come back into the room. He came over to me and unlocked the blindfold and gag pulling them off so I could see him for the first time.

” Oh my god” here was this huge black man standing in front of me. He must have been almost 7 feet tall and all muscles,he was wearing a leather mask and gladiator suit that had the front of the shorts cut out so that his cock cuold hang out!! It was as huge as he was and jet black, it must have been at least 8 inchs long and it wasn’t even hard yet. ” You likes what you sees girly?” he said I couldn’t talk I just starred at it . The only other cock I’ve ever seen was my boyfriends and it wasn’t even half the size when it was hard!!

He stepped foward so tht it was only a foot in front of my face and grabbed it and lifted it up,I cuold see a drop of fluid on the end of it. ” Oh yah you likes it I can tells” he said ” You ever sees a cock like dis befoe” I just shook my head no without saying a word. He then grabbed me by the back of my head with his big hand and pulled my face to his cock, with his other hand he wiped the drop of fluid over my lips and told me totaste it. I shook my head no. ” Taste it if you knows whats good fo you” he said. He then pulled my hair back really hard a I was forced too open my mouth, at the same time he put the head of his cock into my mouth. “AAugghhh” I muffeled around his cock as he strocked it into my mouth, it tasted salty,then he pulled it out and rubbed it all over my face. I had tears streaming down my face. ” OH Gross” I wiped my mouth. ” Ain’t you neva suck’d no cokc b-fo girly” he asked. No I answered. ” I ain’t neva sucked no cock yet how old is you girly.” I just turned 18 I answered. And you neva sucked cock yet? You ever been fucked? He asked. No I’m still a virgin I said. No, Well Lucifer is gonna fix dat fo you he said.

He then walked over to a table and got something. When he came back he was holding a needle that was filled with a blue liquid. Bend over he told me. No please don’t I’ll be good I told him. He grabbed the chain around my neck and pulled me over till I was bent over. ” Oooowweeeee” I screamed as I felt the sting of the needle as he stuck me in my butt. He then started to rub my butt were he stuck me and it started to get warm and tingly. Soon the warm and tingly feeling spread all over my body. “Hows you feelin now” he asked. I FFFeeeellll GGGrreeaattt!!! I said. ” Oh yeh I beats you does” he said. He then took the chain off of the collar around my neck then told me to get deem cloths off. I didn’t even hesitate I pulled off my shirt and bra then my skirt and thong all the time he watched me. What ever he gave me made everything seem allright. I really felt good better than i’ve ever felt before. “WOW” you sure gots one fine body girly he said. And I could feel myself blush.

I think it’s time fo you to meets Lucifer,he said you seems to be ready now. But first comes here and kneel down and lets see. I moved over to him without resistance and kneeled in front of him. “Dat’s good now open yo mouth and sucks my cock” he said. As he put his huge cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and took it in and started to suck it!! “Oh dats it baby,yo gonna be a real good cocksucker soon wit some teachin” He let me suck it for a couple of minutes till it got really hard then he pulled it out of my mouth with a popping sound. ” Dats 12 inchs of hard black cock baby, someday you mights be able to take it all” Now it’s time fo you to meets Lucifer, And he took me into another room. He then left me alone for a couple of minutes and all I could think of was his huge black cock!!!

This is Lucifer I heard him say as he came back into the room. Lucifer was a dog, But not just any dog he was a huge Doberman. He must be at least 3 feet tall at the shoulder and very muscular,as he got closer I could see he had a very large red cock hanging below his belly. Lucifer came over to me and put his head right between my legs and started too lick my pussy!!! ” Oh that feeels sssooo gooood” I moaned. ” You likes dat don’t yah girly” “Oh yes it feels so good I said as I spread my legs wide for Lucifer’s hot wet tounge.

It felt better than anything I’ve ever felt before. Lucifer licked my pussy till I was about to cum then he stopped. “Oh please don’t stop” I cried. I opened my eyes and Lucifer was sitting there, why did he stop I saked ” Cause he wants you to do him now” I looked down and saw his big red cockwas really hard and dripping precum. I don’t know why but I wanted to suck it !!! So I slid to the floor and took ahold of it . It was hot and slick, and it felt really good in my hand!! I started to strock it and more precum leaked out making it really wet.

“Suck dat cock you knows you wants it” I did I really wanted to suck Lucifer’s cock, So I bent over and took the tip of his cock into my mouth. It tastes good really good better than his masters. As I started to suck it more precum leaked out and I had too swallow often. “Dats right girly suck Lucifers cock till he shoots you a big ol load a cum” and makes sure yous swallows all of it too!!! I was sucking Lucifer’s cock like it was my last meal, I really liked having a hard wet cock im my mouth it felt sooo good. I continued to suck Lucifer’s cock when I heard him start to growl deep in his throat, and then he started to hump my face. I knew he was getting ready to cum so I sucked his cock like a mad women. His cock seemed to grow even more then I felt the first blast of his hot cum shoot right dowm my throat. I pulled back so I could taste his hot cum, I loved the way it tasted and felt as it slid down my throat!!!. I was swallowing as fast as I could so as not too lose any but there was to much and some leaked out the corners of my mouth. I sucked Lucifr’s cock till he pulled it out of my mouth and walked away.

” Oh yeh you really likes to suck Lucifer’s cock dn’t cha girly” “Oh yes it was really great and it tasted so good” I said canI do it agian sometime I asked. Can you do it agian? Not only will you suck his cock some more you gonna learns to fuck dat big cock too!!! In a few minutes Lucifer was ready for more of his new bitch, And he came over and stared to lick my pussy agian. He then mounted me and started to hump at my pussy but he kept missing and sliding up over my ass. His master came over and pushed down on my ass and Lucifer found my pussy and pushed in hard right thru my cherry, “Oh it hurts” I cried. As Lucifer sunk about 3 inchs of his big cock into my tight tight pussy. He then pulled back and slammed foward this time sinking another 4 inchs in. As he begain to fuck in and out of my pussy it started to feel better and better, soon I was fucking back at Lucifer trying to get more of his big cock into me. I could feel the tip of his cock banging into my cervix, and I looked between my legs to see all 10 inchs of Lucifer cock in me all but that big ball at the base of his cock. He kept trying to get it in but I was still to tight.

“He suck dis I heard Big Black say” and I looked up and he was standing in front of me with his cock in his hand. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock right in so I could suck him while Lucifer fucked me. I loved the feeling of Lucifer’s 10 inchs fucking my pussy while I sucked Big Black’s 12 inch cock. I must have sucked and fucked them for an hour, In that time I must have cum 20 times and learned to take Big Black’s cock down my throat!!! It was incredable having 12 inchs of hard cock down my throat I loved the feeling it gave me. We continued to fuck and suck till we all cummed togeather in an explosive orgasim. I noticed that the warm tingly feeling was gone from my body now, but it didn’t matter anyway cause the feelings that I was feeling now were 100 times better!!! I won’t need a shot too get me to fuck and suck Lucifer and Big Black next time, Because I now have a taste for big cock and I know where to get it!!!

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  • chuck
    August 17, 2008 at 0:51


  • Simon
    August 18, 2008 at 14:30

    Loved the story and enjoyed rubbing my cock while reading it. What a lucky girl I wish I could suck a 12 inch cock while being fucked by that doberman

  • Duane
    September 22, 2010 at 20:40

    awesome-love to witness such an event-I know there are women out there who love to be fucked by a dog if only I could come in contact with one

  • Gary
    January 5, 2011 at 6:10

    Yall are a bunch freaks

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