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She was throwing up again. There she sat, on the
bathroom floor, for the third time in as many days,
wondering what could be wrong. She was so tired -
worshipping the porcelain god at three in the morning
every night could do that to a person - and now Mary
was tired enough for her mind to wander as she debated
whether to flush or just wait for another heave.

She was lonely as well as sick. How she wished Rob
could come back to her at a time like this! But no, he
really was a crumb, and after Mary caught him with
another woman, well, that was that. There was no going
back now. And after all, it was almost five years ago
that she dumped him… or did they dump each other? Who
knew now. Now all she had was that stray dog, Joe, and
he sure knew how to keep her warm all those lonely
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Zebra`s Amazing Story

Contains gratuituous Zulu language which should be
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White Stripes

Lebo was moaning. “Oooh! Yes! Take it deeper! Deeper!”
He was pressing down Nandi’s head, ignoring her coughed
protests. He knew she was the only intombi of
the tribe that could take all ten inches of his glorious
umKhonto completely in each of her orifices
(not at the same time, of course, and neglecting nostrils
and the like). So she oughta shut the fuck up and continue
Of course, a logical question would have been what’s the whole
point of taking a penis completely when the most sensitive nerves
sit around the dickhead anyway. So you can have fun with any
woman even if you are hung like a ihhashi.
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